Monday, August 22, 2011

Avoid being annoying on Facebook and Twitter

By: Lori McMullin, APR, Director of Business Operations & Communications

Center for Business Excellence

Today’s blog focuses on our use of Facebook and Twitter. I have to admit I don’t regularly tweet, so Facebook use or misuse is more what comes to mind.

When we first get on the “Facebook train,” it seems either one of two things occur. Either little activity happens because some people are unsure and treat it almost like kryptonite. The second action is posting too often and in a very non-relevant way. I was guilty of that. Then, most of us become seasoned pros.

Although Facebook is a great way to stay connected with friends and family, it can get quite annoying to see nearly your entire news feed page filled up by the same person posting every 15 minutes. What’s even worse is when they post unwanted requests, hugs, teddy bears, etc., on your wall. It smacks of adolescence. Sure, we can hide and block certain actions, but that won’t solve the real problem.

This annoyed feeling shared by many is especially something to consider when you are looking for work. After all, Facebook is a networking and unofficial personal public relations tool.

Check out these good tips on keeping activity subtle and meaningful:

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