Thursday, August 25, 2011

Clearing the Clutter Can Open New Paths

By Suzy Kridner
Career Specialist
I'm always looking for ways to clear the clutter.
Just ask my husband who gazes at the piles of magazines I haven't read, or the newspaper articles I want to pass on, with that look that says, "They've been here since 1998." And don't even mention the garage.
A kind friend and co-worker brought boxes of stuff from my desk at work when I was laid off after 28 years of working for the same employer. The boxes are still in the garage more than three years later. It's either too hot or too cold or there are more fun things to do. But I do plan to go through them. No, the garage shown isn't mine, but it's close.
Then I ran across an article by Tricia Smith about Gail Blanke, founder, president and CEO of Lifedesigns, an executive coaching company. Blanke's newest book is called “Throw Out Fifty Things: Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life.” Blanke was one of the youngest female senior vice presidents of Avon Products and was chosen as a keynote speaker for the National Association of Women Business Owners 2011 Women’s Business Conference. Smith interviewed Blanke about her leadership philosophy and why organization is essential to a successful life.
While it's written with business owners in mind, the ideas can apply to anyone.

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