Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Detective Work

Posted by: Darlene Duncan, CWDP, JSS, CCC, JCTC, JCDC
Training Coordinator

In the workshops at the One-Stop where I work, we often tell job seekers that they need to research the company for which they want to work. Some people look at us as if we have suddenly grown a second head. Sometimes I feel like I should find a mirror to see if maybe I’ve sprouted another noggin.

Perhaps the word ‘research’ is the problem, or at least part of it. Don’t let the word put you off. All it means is to gather information. In this case, gather information about a company or organization. Make it into a game, where you’re a detective and you need to know as much about this company as you can discover.

In regards to your résumé, the information you collect about the company helps you aim your résumé at the company’s interests and needs. The same applies to the interview. The greater your knowledge of the organization the better your answers will be to interview questions.

Collecting information (aka research) is a skill that everyone should learn. It’s a great tool for job hunting and you never know when it might just be a skill you need on the job. To help you get started I’ve provided a link to an article about researching for job seekers. In the article are many links to different sites to assist with your information gathering.

Research Companies


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  2. nice idea, thanks for sharing...